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Sherry Mae A.

Sherry mae A
Sherry Mae A.
Senior Customer Service Agent

Virtual Coworker is not the first home based company that I worked for, but I can say that I want them to be the last. I say last because I know that I will be staying with the company for a long time. I want to be with a company who not only takes care of their clients, but more importantly takes care of their staff as well. And that is what I found with Virtual Coworker. They don’t rush to get you a job just for the sake of closing a deal with a client, they make sure that not only are clients requirements met, but that the people they endorse to the clients are the best match. And because of that commitment, I couldn’t be happier with the result. I have the best client to work for, with the best job I could hope for. Thank you VC for a job well done!

Ana L.

Ana L
Ana L.
Graphics and Publishing Designer

I highly recommend Virtual Coworker to any single mom(s) out there who wants a stable and fulfilling career without jeopardising the joys of motherhood. I am lucky to have found Virtual Coworker. More power to VC and keep up helping single moms like me fulfill both parenting and career challenges!

Theriza L.

Theriza L
Theriza L.
Student and Member Services Associate

You work on building your employer’s trust and confidence in what you do and can still do. Everyday, you should prove your worth and you’re doing great even if they cannot see you. Here’s a simple formula to achieve this: constant and open communication, top level output, abiding in their rules and processes, and being responsible with your given deadlines.

Raine V.

Joey M
Raine V.
Ex VA now a Sr. Recruitment Specialist

Working from home gives a new definition to my professional career. It allows me to work and still touch base with the things that matter in my life, Family & Friends. Thank you Virtual Coworker! for giving me a Wonderful Opportunity

Joey M.

Joey M
Joey M.
Web Developer

Virtual Coworker have been superb. Their staff responds very quickly and go above beyond to help!
Virtual Coworker helped me to find job that suits my Career. I love Virtual Coworker it lets me to stay on top of my business career from anywhere in the world. I’m proud to be part of their Team.

Bryan L.

Bryan L
Bryan L.
WordPress Developer

I absolutely love my work; I am great at what I do and making great income. I work with great people, highly skilled individuals also makes me learn something new every day! I have time, freedom, choice, working at home I have always dreamed of, spend more time with my son and my family.

Life is great and I am so fortunate to have found this genuine opportunity. Working for Virtual Coworker has given me a fulfilling career while working from home and makes my life seem blessed and extraordinary. Thank you for putting me on this path to success!

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