Recruitment and Hiring

Are your jobs long term or short term project based?

We offer long-term jobs that can last anywhere from 3 months to many years.

How long is the application process?

Applications take 5-7 business days, but can sometimes be less or more time depending if there are any additional instructions from the client.

Can I still apply is there aren't any current suitable positions?

Yes, send us your resume and we will keep it in our database. We will then send you a weekly email with any new job openings.

I'm a Filipino living outside the Philippines, can I still apply?

No. We only contract Filipinos that are living within the Philippines.

What if I don't pass my interview with a client?

We will still assess and endorse you to any role that fits your qualifications.

What will my work schedule be once I get hired?

Your work schedule will be based on the timezone of your client. For example: if you work for a client located in Sydney, Australia, you will work on Eastern Standard Time, which is 2 hours ahead of Manila.

Full-time contractors will have to be logged on for a total of 9 hours per day which includes a 1-hour lunch break, and two 10-minute breaks. Part-time contractors work a minimum of 4 hours with one 10-minute break.

What home office set-up am I required to have?

You are required to have somewhere quiet to work within your house, 750 Kbps minimum internet connection, and an up-to-date suitable computer.

Only if you encounter a power interruption or interruption with your internet connection at home, may you work from a contingency location such as an internet shop. Otherwise, you are expected to work from home.

How will my hours worked be tracked?

You will log into our online time-tracking management system at the start of each shift. At random intervals, the system captures your screen every few minutes. You also update the activity tracker every 30 minutes, to let your client know what you are currently working on.

This system is also used to record your attendance and prepare your payroll, so all contractors are required to be logged in throughout their entire shift.

Will there be training provided by the client when I get hired?

Yes, depending on the role, usually the first few days / weeks are spent training. Days spent training are considered official work days and are paid.

Is there a probationary period and how long does it last?

Yes, you are placed on a probationary period for the first 6 months; during this time the client may terminate your contract within 24 hours for any reason. After 6 months, the client is required to give two weeks notice.

Compensation / Pay

How much will I be paid?

Salaries depend on a lot of factors such as your skills and work experience. We pay competitive salaries as we like to attract the best candidates.

How often do I get paid?

You will be paid once a month with a pay period beginning on the 21st of the previous month, up until the 20th of the current month. Payment will be deposited directly into your bank account. This can typically take a few days depending on your local bank, weekends, and public holidays.

Do I get paid overtime?

Overtime pay is paid at the normal hourly rate.

What currency am I paid in?

You will be paid in Philippine Pesos.

Are taxes or fees automatically deducted from my pay?

As independent contractors, we do not deduct any taxes, government dues, or contributions. You will have to process those as individuals or voluntary members.

Are there any benefits like HMO or meal, internet, and electricity allowances?

As an independent contractor, the benefits mentioned are not offered. 

Is there any paid sick leave and paid holidays?

As independent contractors, you are not entitled to any paid days off, whether a holiday or leave. It is left to the client’s discretion, if they would like to pay for time off or ask you not to work specific days.

Resignation / Termination

If I would like to resign, what notice period do I have to give?

Any staff tendering resignation is required to render 2 weeks notice before they can completely stop working.

If I resign, can I re-apply to another role?

Re-applications will be subject to our Recruiter’s evaluation.

What if my client decides to terminate me for reasons unrelated to my performance?

If a staff is terminated for business related decisions i.e. no more work, we will make you a priority for an endorsement to other job openings that suit your qualifications.

If I get terminated, will I get any termination pay?

The hours / days you worked for the client will be paid as usual after participating in an exit interview, unless there aren’t any disputes from the client. There is no termination pay.