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They say, “There is no place like home”. However, it is vital for us to get out there and earn a living.Some of us have to live away from our families to work, or some need to travel for hours and endure traffic just to get to work. What if you don’t have to leave your “sanctuary” to work? Could that possibly be the best thing that can happen to a hard-working employee like you?
1. Be a Leader and Start with your Self In the Pope’s message to the government leaders, he said “reject every form of corruption”. Being irresponsible and unreliable at work are forms of corruption. If you can’t or don’t want the job, don’t stay in it and corrupt the opportunity from others who can and will do it. As home based professional, you should be a leader to yourself. Set high standards for your work
Starting a home based career is more than just having a comfortable working space and a functioning computer. You need to have the actual skills and tools for it to fully work smoothly. Online tools make home based careers more efficient and in fact easy. Here are some tools that will help you make your home based jobs a breeze. 1. Google Account It is probably the most popular and handy tool to have. You
In starting a home based career, it is also important that you are technically ready to provide a professional level of service. It is therefore necessary to set-up a home office with all the essentials like computer, stable internet connection, working headset, and other necessities for a home office conducive for good working condition. 1. Home Office Space A comfortable, quiet, and conducive for work, space in your home is important for a home based