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There are countless of opportunities for you to work online but with the rise of opportunities comes a number of virtual employee wanting to get a piece of the pie. Thus, if you want to stand-out you need to be more than good, you have to be impressive. Here are some tips for you to take when starting a career virtually. 1. Be attentive to Details When given a task, listen to instructions carefully and
Working home based is an option many Filipinos are taking in to consideration nowadays. With the increasing demand for home based offshore workers, we are given more career options and alternatives to better our lives. One common misconception about working at home is that it is an easy job. True! You get to work at the comfort of your own home but it is never easy in any way. It entails a lot of physical
Crooks have invaded the online industry and the most common target are the web users looking for home based jobs. With the desire to please prospective employers, most victims fall for whatever the scammers ask for. Don’t fall for the scam tactics; use these tips to help you avoid common scams. 1. Do your research and know who you’re dealing with Resources online are your best defense. Do your research, Google is a friend you